February 17, 2014

Hey Mom!

This week was kind of long. We had a great experience on Saturday though. We had a stake activity, and we had a youth come out with us to visit investigators. But all the appointments we had planned fell. We still got to have a few lessons, but it was difficult because we had all the plans fall, even back up plans. We just kept thinking and asking ourselves why did everything go wrong. But as the day came to a close and we both felt like it was the worst activity that the youth Isaac could have ever attended, he told us that he had learned a great lesson of hope and humility throughout the day. At first he was uptight and arrogant, saying that he didn’t want to visit any poor areas, because the elders that he goes with always take him to the rich part of their area. It just so happened that our first citas were in the poorest part of the area. He was really negative the whole time we were there, asking me for hand sanitizer after shaking anyone’s hand, and constantly saying “I don’t ever want to come back to this place.” But at the end of the day, he bore his testimony in the testimony meeting and talked about how great the day was for him. How much he had learned, how much it helped him understand that the mission isn’t all butterflies and rainbows (even though here in Costa Rica there are a lot of butterflies and rainbows), but that sometimes there will be bad days, but there’s nothing to do but keep working and find a solution with a smile. I felt greatly blessed to have had Isaac come with us on Saturday. He taught us a lot about missionary work.

Other than that, our week was ok. Today we had fun. I jumped on the back of a kid who always invites the missionaries to eat breakfast and he carried me halfway up a hill. He’s 18. Then I walked up the rest of the hill with him and his 17 yo brother on my back. It was hard, but then I felt like I weighed nothing (obviously mental, because I still weighed plenty). It was fun. We played a little basketball and football, and I did a pull-up and got tired. I am losing a little bit of weight again because we bought the blender and I’m getting back into the habit of making shakes again. I hope to get home like Tony did, haha. But you know, a lot better looking.

Not much else this week. I am still doing great with my companion and everything. I love you and Miss you, and I’ll talk to you soon!


Elder Kuoha

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One thought on “February 17, 2014

  1. Kristi Drake

    Jacob, it is always nice to read about your Mission. You are doing good things and having fun at the same time. What memories you have made for yourself and for those you have touched. Big Hugs

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