February 24, 2014

Hi Mom!

Well, here I am, enjoying life, doing what I do. Taking advantage of Mondays, where I can play sports and wear jeans and climb mountains and whatnot. Today we went to a Mason place. I don’t know what they call their institutions in English, but the guy told us that the guy who could give us a tour came at 4pm, but it was like 11am, so we missed out. And the Muslim place said that we missed their service at 9am, because we stopped by at like 10, so we decided on going to a gnostic church, where the guy used a whiteboard and shouting to help us understand what their religion is like. We wanted to go to the Jewish synagogue too, but it’s closed on Mondays. Then we ate pizza and came back to San José. Now we’re in an internet cafe writing people, including you.

It was a pretty good day. I found out last week that I didn’t lose all the pictures from San Carlos, just all the pictures from before january I think. So that’s half good news. Not much else is going on here, just that this week is the last week of changes, and next week my comp or I might have changes. I hope not, because a lady in the ward here promised she’d make me a cheesecake, and I’ve been cheesecakeless for a while now. So yeah, That’s what’s been going on for now. We’re trying to plan some great P days as a district so we can take advantage of my last 7, so hopefully we can hit up a volcano or maybe even a beach, so we’ll see. I love you and hope everything is going well!!

Elder Kuoha

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