March 3, 2014

Hey Mom!

Sorry about the wait! On Saturday my companion sent a text message to the mission president telling him that we had a really great week, and president responded, “I want to talk to you both, how long does it take to get to my house?” So I obviously started freaking out trying to think why pres would want us to come to his house, and I got mad at my comp, saying , “Do you realize what you’ve done?!!!! Now we’re going to get sent home!” So we got to Pres’ house and he interviewed me first and told me that he had been thinking about changing my area, but he wanted to know if I was ok with leaving my area in my last 6 weeks in the mission, and I told him that I had felt that I was going to have changes 3 days before, and I told him that I was totally on board with what he felt was right.

So he told me I was going to Golfito, a small part of the Zona Sur, about 8 hours in bus from the capital, and one of the hottest parts of the country, and above all, a beach area. And I had two days with the opportunity of saying goodbye to all the people I had come to love in Tibás. I was able to speak in church and I took pictures with almost everyone. It was hard packing, I didn’t really want to leave because I loved that area and all the members, converts, and investigators, but it was necessary for me to come to a new area. I went to bed at 4am today, and woke up at 6 to say goodbye to a few last-minute people, and then we headed to San Jose and met with all the missionaries that had changes as well, and I got to see a few old faces, which was cool. Then I sang a song with the uke in front of Carl’s Jr with all the missionaries listening and singing along.

Then we waited like 40 minutes for a taxi big enough for three people and 7 suitcases. We waited in vain for so long that we just ended up taking two taxis to the bus terminal for Zona Sur. Then while we were waiting, I realized I left my wallet in the last house. DOH! haha, So I called my last comp from a payphone and he said he saw it and was going to take a taxi to drop it off, but the bus was about to leave, so it wasn’t possible to retrieve my wallet before I left. Now I’m ridiculously far without my card or anything. But the zone leaders have a meeting on Friday all together, so they can hand it off there and hopefully within a week I’ll have my wallet back.

So then I slept a little on the bus and I woke up at one point and saw a whole bunch of water, and I almost broke down in tears at how beautiful it was to see the ocean. I took a ton of pictures of the bus ride, and then we stopped and rested for a little, and I asked for a glass of water from the restaurant because it was the only free thing they had, because I didn’t have any money or my wallet, oh, and all the money I had brought with me wasn’t even sufficient for the bus ride, which cost $18. So I had to borrow money from the other elders that were going with me. After about 2 and a half more hours of bus ride, we got to Ciudad Neily, which is the zone leader’s area, and we met up with them, and they told me to do internet, and after I finish here, I have to take an hour and a half bus ride to get to my area haha.

But yeah, that’s what’s been going on. I’d send pictures of the people with whom I took photos, but it would take me like 3 years to send them, and frankly I’m sure it doesn’t interest anyone to see pictures of people they don’t know, and a whole bunch of me with the same pose for each picture, haha. But hey, I’m really excited to work hard here in the small branch of Golfito, and I hope I can work wonders with my companion. His name is Elder Gutierrez, and he’s from Costa Rica, but he said he’d never visited Golfito in his life. He only has 3 months in the mission, so I get to help him a bit, and I’m looking forward to learn from him as well. I love you all and miss you, and can’t wait to see you!

Elder Kuoha

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