March 17, 2014

Hey Mom!

No, we do not have bikes now, but someone let us use them for a minute to do a quick errand, so don’t get too excited haha. I wish we did though. That day we biked about 8 km in less than 20 minutes. My leg muscles were big. But yeah, they were only for that one time. But don’t worry, I’m not getting trunky or anything, and to be honest I don’t focus on coming home at all, probably because it hasn’t sunk in that I only have 4 weeks left haha. I’m still focused on the work and trying to make the best of being a leader in the mission.

Today we went fishing for like 5 hours, and I didn’t catch anything. In total we only caught about 4 fish that were half the size of this email, so it wasn’t really a success. But it was really fun. It was us and the sister missionaries, because the rest of the district couldn’t come for various reasons. I got really sunburned. REALLY sunburned. Even my legs got burned. That’s what I get for wearing pants for 23 months then putting on shorts for one day. I had the line over my shoulder while sitting on the edge of the dock playing my uke. Not even a nibble. I kept thinking about Pokemon the whole time haha. In these last four pdays that remain, we have made plans as a zone to go to a few different beaches. If it’s nice, I’ll bring back some sand from each one, like that guy from Saving Private Ryan.

We have some great members in this area, but we are trying to strengthen them even more so the branch can grow quicker. We don’t have any set baptisms yet, but we’re trying to work with the readiest ones that we know, and finding new people as well. I am trying to have a lot of divisions as well so that I can get to know the people in my district better. We’re all working hard, and trying to work more efficiently. I want to have at least one baptism here in this last area, but I don’t have much time to find new people and prepare them for baptism, but I’ll work hard for it. Ok, well I love you and miss you a bunch, and I hope you enjoy grandma’s party! Take lots of pictures!


Elder Kuoha

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