March 24, 2014

Hey Mom,

Today was a pretty good day and the week was really good as well. We found some great new people to teach and we have two people on date for baptism for the 12th of April and one more on the 13th, but we’re probably going to have them all baptized on the 13th to make it easier. We’re going to see if we can do the baptism in the ocean haha.

We went fishing first by a park whose ledge overlooked the ocean, then we went to a pier. Today we went to a small beach and had a little fun. We’re going to see if we can go next week with the whole zone to have a great p day activity. The only problem is that it took like an hour to walk there. But it was practically empty the whole time. I played my uke sitting there on the grassy area and really enjoyed the day. My companion climbed the palm tree and grabbed a coconut and I opened it up and drank the water and ate the coconut with him and some kid that we met there. Then that kid broke the A string on my uke, so I restrung it using the extra length of the string I left there when I strung it the first time. So it works again.

I realized today that I have developed a lot of patience here. I just calmly fixed it and put it away. It was weird. Hopefully I can control my anger a little better when I get home and Brittany bugs me and calls me fat haha. In this area we have given talks in church every sunday, and we give all the classes. It’s different but fun too. The adult class likes my classes a lot haha. I cant wait to see everyone, and I guess I’ll only be writing three more times before I go home, but whatever. There’s not too much that could happen in these three weeks. Have a great week I’ll talk to you soon!

Elder Kuoha


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