March 31, 2014

Hey mom!

It looks like Grandma’s birthday party was awesome, I hope everyone enjoyed it. I feel kind of sad that I couldn’t go, but it’s comforting knowing that when I get home I’ll have my own party, and it’ll be better, so take that, Grandma. Today we went to the beach again, but we went with some members, so it was more fun that last week. We played a little volleyball with just a rope on the ground as the “net” and some lines drawn in the sand. And we were playing with soccer ball, but it was fun nonetheless. We spent like 4 or 5 hours there, and then came back. It was fun, and I am growing to love more and more the people here. I cant wait to come back and visit all of them.

I called two converts of mine on Sunday to see how they were doing, and I felt like it’s not fair that the mission ends. I would love to stay here and visit all these people all the time, but I know there’s a whole bunch of stuff I have to do at home. I’m looking forward to coming home and everything, but I sure will miss all the people and culture and everything. Not much else that went on this week. We found some new people, and there’s still a chance that I can baptize in this area, but it’ll be close. I’ll have to really give it my all. I love you and I’ll talk to you next week!!

Elder Kuoha


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