April 7, 2014

Hey Mom!

I basically only have 6 days left as a missionary, because I am taking the bus back to San Jose next Tuesday, and then Wednesday I go to the temple and have interviews and dinner with president. Then thursday me jalo para la choza. Today we really didn’t do anything. I cut my hair, and the lady cut it way shorter on the sides than I wanted, then left it long on top, so I looked like a total idiot, so I told her nicely to cut the top short as well so it would be even. Now I’m practically bald, and I can feel the sun burning my scalp when I walk outside haha. But it’s ok. I don’t hold grudges with people who cut hair, I just choose to never cut my hair there again, and I encourage others to avoid the locale as well. I was on divisions with another elder from Wednesday until Saturday last week, and I have to go with him to his area this week to do a baptismal interview. He’s from Utah and is going home in two changes.

I miss home, and the whole family and my friends and my trumpet and everything. I hope I can do a lot better when I get home than before the mission. I thought that since I’m going to have a layover in Texas that it would be possible for Tony to visit for a little while, but I didn’t know that he lived so far away from Dallas, so it’s not gonna happen, but that’s ok. I didn’t really miss him that much anyway. haha jk. I’ve been contemplating for like 17 months now how I’m going to walk out of the tube walkway thing when I leave the plane, like what sort of first words I should say. I’ve been pondering on some sort of wise phrase that would be nice to hear, but I’m not sure what it’ll be. Just wait another week and a half for it. I’ve gotten so bad at writing. All my emails are like one long big soup of ideas that aren’t separated. I’m going to have a lot of trouble in my english classes. I hope everything at home is well. I cant wait to see you all. I miss you and love you!

Elder Kuoha

My comp sleeping on the bus. The video is funnier than the photo.

My comp sleeping on the bus. The video is funnier than the photo.

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