July 1, 2013

Hey Mom,

Not much time today, but I feel like explaining how my day was. I got a call the other day saying that I had a box that got stuck in customs, so I had to go to the office to get my passport and go get it then give my passport back and come home. It didn’t go quite that well. We got to the customs place and the lady opened up my box in front of me to check if everything was ok. It was full of food. FULL. So I told the lady, “wow that makes me happy!” And she looked at me and pointed to a paper on the wall that says that I had to get the permission of the ministry of health to get the box. So she gave me instructions to go to a different city and get a paper signed then come back. Took a taxi to the other city (the secretaries told me they’d give me a reimbursement) then got to the building and got in line. Got the paper, filled it out, and the other lady told me that I had to go to the bank and pay $20 to an account of this place, then had to wait until the lady left her lunch break, came back, got the thing signed, took another taxi back to the first city, gave the first lady the paper, waited an hour, got in another line, then paid, then waited in another line, then got my box, and took a taxi to the office and gave my passport back to the secretaries. NEVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN. But I got my box full of food, so I’m better now. So thanks for the box, but I’d like to ask you to not send me any more food, cosmetics, or medication, because if they happen to open my box, I’d have to do all that over again. But thanks a whole lot for the snacks!

Everything is going well here, and we’re having a whole bunch of success. We have a baptism coming up for this sunday, and a few more next week, so we really hope everything goes well with them. Not much time, but I love you and can’t believe how soon I’ll be back. Ridiculously fast the time passes.

Elder Kuoha

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